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Before I wrote my first line of code, I thought I wanted to be a mathematician and work as a quant on Wall Street. As you can probably tell by now, that's not how it panned out. My journey into web development is a bit untraditional since I have a degree in Mathematics, but I always enjoyed coding and wasn't sure if it was what I would end up doing as my job. I'm glad to be here now though! My favorite course in college was a forecasting class using R.

I was a swimmer in college at Salisbury University. I left with a few courses remaining and joined Ocean City Beach Patrol (Maryland) where I was a lifeguard on the beach. It was there where I realized that I wanted to get more into coding, which I did so by joining a popular coding bootcamp called General Assembly. After landing my first job, I sent myself back to school and finished my Mathematics degree through Indiana University - East. I am now taking courses on the side to get into a Masters program for Computer Science in my free time.